Sunday, March 28, 2010

Website Roundup

Before I started this blog, I trolled the web for different therapy sites and blogs, looking for a therapy "activities" resource. Here is a list of the best of what I found:

I think the number one speech therapy site out there is Caroline Bowen's. She has a great list of activities and resources as well as lots of tips and other stuff.

Sharing the number one spot is Speaking of Speech. Here you will find a goal bank, lots of ideas, and an active forum.

Another comprehensive site is Communication Connects.

Quia can be a little difficult to navigate, but there are a few interesting speech games on this site. I'd say it is mostly for older kids though.

It is a bit dated as far as easy-to-read website design, but the Geezer's site is worth a little time exploring. He basically wants to sell you his materials, but there are some free things there.

Then we have your basic overwhelming list of therapy ideas here and here.

So happy browsing! (in your spare time haha). Please post your own favorites that I may have missed in the comments.

Photo courtesy of Mantasmagorical via (oh that sounds creepy but it's not really).

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Everybody Loves Animals - Part 1

I suppose we all have tons of activities about animals. Please feel free to post your favorites in the comments. I'm hoping to post several of my very best over the next month.

This was a simple lesson I did with my special ed prek. First, we put all the puzzles together and talked a bit/asked questions about each one. Then I pulled the battery-operated yipping dog from my bag (very high interest as you can imagine!). The kids each practiced saying/touching the words on the sentence strip.