Friday, April 16, 2010

One Cut Books

Many thanks to Judy Kuster (who has a wealth of links on her site) for this link to One Cut Books. Kids love having little books they can hold and take home and these are a nice break from the cut-n-paste worksheets.

It would be so easy to make a word doc template for these and just go crazy!


One of my favorite units of the year is my Tool Unit. I bring real tools, fasteners and wood to use, even with my preK students! Closely supervised, they enjoy and safely use the hand drill, saw, screwdrivers and hammer. I have large bolts they can put nuts off and on, screws embedded into a piece of wood they can turn in and out, and thin pieces of wood they can saw. I use the books that are pictured and also these bingo boards, which you can download.

Here is a picture of the bingo:

Here are links to 4 different bingo boards (.docs):

Tool Bingo 1
Tool Bingo 2
Tool Bingo 3
Tool Bingo 4

Real kids! Real tools!

The books I use: