Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rice Box

I've been using this one for several years and I tell ya, they never get tired of it! It works with all kinds of artic/language kids. Sometimes I use a verbal or visual carrier phrase (I see a _____, I found a _____).

I had a 3yo using a Springboard communication device and he matched plastic animals to the device as he found them. Right now - in the very uninspiring pictures - it is set up for category sorting. I've also hidden holiday themed items, magnets (that then get sorted on my whiteboard), and paper pictures for cut-paste activities.

I have to state here that I am usually emphatically against the use of food as a craft or toy item. I'm not in the mood to articulate exactly why - not even sure I could - but this rice has been in continuous use for 4 years. I store it ziplock bags over the summer. The longevity of this white rice makes me feel better about it (and it's also a lesson in why white rice is not good for you.)

Again, sorry for the dull photos - there really IS a lot of cool stuff under that rice!

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