Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pumpkin Face Bottle Cap Game

We all have a TON of October/Fall activities don't we? I gottamillion of 'em and maybe I'll post them someday. It just so happens that I made this bottle cap activity today so I was motivated to pic-n-post. Here are the materials:

And here are the finished pumpkins:

I got the idea from The Mailbox (I think). They had you painting the bottle caps with glue and paint...but since I have an organized husband who uses multi colors of duct tape to color code tools, I just cut the tape and stuck it on. Bits of black plastic electrical tape were used for the face parts. is how you play, but of course the rules are open to variations. Before each turn,say your sound, answer a question, whatever. Then, throw the 5 lil pumpkins onto the floor (or table) and get a point for each one who lands face up. Alternatively you could use a sharpie and put numbers on the underside and use those for points, number of responses, etc.

Yes, Bass is my favorite beer!

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